What The Real Birth Studio Is All About

We created our Real Birth Studio purely for pregnant, postnatal women and their birth partners. It isn’t a community hall or a hospital room, but a comforting place designed for you. We have created a space for you to enjoy your antenatal classes and postnatal groups. To help you feel comfortable and at home.

This beautiful place complements our positive birth ethos. We want you to feel positive about yourself, your pregnancy and your birth. Joining antenatal classes and postnatal classes in an environment that you feel safe and welcomed impacts on how much you enjoy and learn from your class. Because we provide a relaxed space, this helps women and their partners feel more positive about the information they have learnt.

The Real Birth Studio

Perinatal Positivity

Our Testimonials


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November – 2021

We cannot recommend Pat and Leah enough, the support we have had has been invaluable.

June – 2021

Thoroughly enjoyed our time with you. Your course was superb and we feel much more prepared.

November – 2020

Very comprehensive course, a lovely atmosphere and great teachers! Thank you so much we have learnt a lot and can’t wait to put all we learnt into practice.

JUNE – 2018

Brilliant. I’ve already read 20 books but still found this extremely helpful & informative. My husband had read nothing before and has learnt so much. Lovely teachers. Highly recommend to anyone!

OCTOBER – 2018

Excellent detailed course and enthusiastic and a engaging teacher. Definitely made me feel more positive and confident about birthing.


Educational and felt like excellent preparation.
Plenty of additional advice given for research.

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Our Classes

The Real Birth Studio has a variety of classes available to soon-to-be mothers and their partners to learn more about their pregnancy and birth.

Our antenatal classes in Hereford are held here at the Real Birth Studio, in the town center. Here you can find out lots of information about childbirth and parenting. Including the signs of labour, how to give birth in a variety of settings from birth at home to hospital birth and if its right for you, induction of labour. We also help birth partners prepare for their role in childbirth and how to be an advocate.

We are here to support you in to planning for afterwards too, to help new dads and mums prepare for after your baby is born, with a range of classes that include caring for a newborn, the postnatal period, breastfeeding and essential skills in baby and toddler first aid.

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Contact us about any enquiries that you may have about a Real Birth Studio in your area.
Look forward to hearing from you!

Email: hello@therealbirthstudio.com

Phone: 01432 345 534


Your baby is welcome to attend any of the classes with you, there may be some restrictions in some classes for toddlers to attend,  for example baby and toddler first aid.

Its always worth checking to see if we can help or make other arrangements to help.

Yes, there are a list of discounts available, please see  link.

To attend our Real Birth workshop or Hypnobirthing you may like to wear something comfortable, to feel relaxed in.

You can book through the website for most of our classes. If a class is being run by an independent teacher, there will be a phone number for you to contact within the information page. However if you are booking a class and are eligible for a discount please contact us on 01432 345534 or hello@therealbirthstudio.com to arrange this separately.

In response to COVID-19 we held all our classes virtually, we now continue to do this and you are able to attend face to face or through our virtual meeting space and still meet other people.

1-2-1 classes are also available by request and incur and additional cost.

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Our dedication to positive birth and empowerment for new and expecting parents doesn’t stop there. We teach The Real Birth Programme to midwives and other birth professionals. We created this course so that positive birth can be taught and promoted all over the country. If you are interested in any of our services please get in touch with us.

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