Before babies are able to understand language, we communicate and comfort them through touch. E.g. Parents will cuddle or stroke their babies if they cry. Baby massage is part of this natural instinct. Baby Massage is a great experience for both mother and baby.

The first few weeks after birth are special moments for you and your baby to bond. However, for some these weeks can be filled with some sleepless nights whilst their new-borns will be up feeding lots, some babies may be up a bit longer with other things like colic and tummy upset and the only way they can tell you this is by crying.

A benefit or learning something like baby massage is, it can help relieve symptoms of colic. In 2016 there was a trial conducted in a UK university that showed, how great baby massage was for babies with colic. Mothers were trained to perform a massage on their babies and keep record of their babies’ symptoms in a diary each day. The result of this was less crying and babies being massaged receiving more sleep, in comparison to babies not receiving any massage.

Alongside babies sleeping for longer, baby massage helps with postnatal depression. As more sleep means more time for mother and baby to bond.

Some of the other great benefits of baby massage are that:

  • Baby massage can help parents become more confident in handling their child and better at identifying their needs.
  • Parents have improved interaction with their babies.
  • It is a great way for partners, family members and carers to bond with baby.

There is further proof that baby massage shows improvement in not just mental but also the physical health of babies. In 2006 a research team at the University of Warwick conducted various studies, one study claimed that massage could affect the release of the hormone melatonin, which is significant in aiding babies sleeping patterns.

At The Real Birth Studio we offer 4-Week baby massage courses for mums and also baby massage classes for dads. Enquire to find out more.