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My name is Carlota Orichi Eburi ,

But you can call me Carol.

I come from South of Spain, Valencia, I have recently joined the Real Birth Company and a Real Birth Teacher

I am a qualified antenatal practitioner and Doula by profession. I provide guidance and support to pregnant woman during pregnancy, labour, and after giving birth.

I am very committed, passionate, reliable, loyal, and a good timekeeper. I value and respect my clients and colleagues which I demonstrate by being very cautious with my words. I have very high standards of my principles as well as the ability to work together as a team to achieve a common goal with client’s best interest at heart.

Hope to speak to you soon,


Español / Spanish

Nombre: Carlota Orichi Eburi

Profesión: Soy profesora prenatal, y  Doula

Estoy afiliada en The Birth Company como profesora prenatal

Ofrezco servicios de orientación, acompañamiento y apoyo durante el embarazo, parto y post parto a mis clientes

Soy una persona comprometida, seria, profesional, respetuosa, discreta, dedicada, puntual y con mucha capacidad de trabajo en equipo, lo cual contribuye a lograr los objetivos comunes previstos en cada caso


“Educational and felt like excellent preparation. Plenty of additional advice given for research.”

– February 2019

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