Katie Trevor

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‘My name is Katie Trevor and I am extremely excited to be able to offer the Real Birth Programme to expectant parents as part of their special journey.

As well as being a qualified Real Birth Teacher, I am a qualified Doctor.  I have worked in General Practice for over 6 years and have enjoyed caring for women at different stages of their pregnancy.

I feel very passionate about antenatal education and becoming a Real Birth Teacher has allowed me to offer up-to-date, evidence-based information to expectant women and their partners in relaxed, friendly, small group settings.

The aim of the Real Birth Programme is to help women (and their partners) understand the process of birth in all stages, to empower them to make informed birth choices with confidence. I am honoured to be part of this programme.

I am a Mum to four young children, and have had different pregnancy and birth experiences with each. The antenatal experiences and the friends I made during this time will be something that I treasure forever, and I look forward to meeting you on your own special journey.’

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