The Real Birth Antenatal Programme

What Is The Real Birth Programme All About

We created The Real Birth Programme because we believe that all expectant parents should have access to positive birth information. It is beneficial for pregnant mums and their birth partners to have positive help with their birth preparation. We support all birthing choices because we believe in empowering you with the right information when you need it.

Birth preparation is really important. It should help you feel confident in your abilities and the decisions that you make about your labour and birth. We have trained each of our birth professionals so that they can provide you with this fun, informative antenatal class. They will talk you through your options and help with your birth preparation and birth plan.

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The Real Birth Programme is a birth preparation antenatal class. This antenatal class will help you understand what happens during in labour and birth. You may be planning to give birth at home, in a birth centre or to have a hospital birth. Your antenatal care may be from your midwife, an obstetrician or even both. Whatever your care or birth preferences are your body is designed for this.

We help you understand your birthing body, where the discomfort or pain comes from and why it may be there. When you understand the body and the systems that work together, it will help you prepare for your birth. It will also help your birth partner, as we teach them techniques to support you, giving you both a tool kit!

Wherever you decide to give birth, the information you will get from our course will help you to plan and work with your body and will help you feel more comfortable during birth.

We have lot’s of information collected from postnatal women & people. They have told us how helpful the course has been during their birth. For example of how beneficial the Real Birth Programme is, our most recent data shows that only 4% of women who took our specialist course used pethidine in their birth!

You can find The Real Birth Programme all around the country.
We have teachers offering face to face and virtual classes, helping to promote choice, respect and dignity for your birth.

What to expect.

Finding out that you are pregnant often creates so many mixed feelings!

Alongside excitement or joy you may be also feeling nervous or anxious, all of which are totally normal. We help you to understand why you may be feeling the way that you do.

We spend time exploring today’s maternity services and the effect that has on pregnant women and people and their partners.

Then there are all the questions!

~What if my baby is breach;

~When to go to the hospital in labour ;

~What are the other benefits of skin to skin

~How will I know labour has started ;

~What if my baby is premature ;

~Will breathing techniques work in labour

~What do contractions feel like ;

Why do I feel anxious about birth?

Where do many of these questions come from? Some come from our friends and family, birth stories passed along! But not only from there.

The media often shows us unrealistic situations or circumstances that appear terrifying and dramatic!

Labour and birth are not in many cases the screaming trauma that TV portrays.

If you are looking for a factual and honest approach to labour and birth preparation classes, that help you feel reassured and knowledgeable about your birth choices, then we are exactly what you need.