Zoe Range

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Hello! My name is Zoe.

I am the founder of a small business in the Maidstone area called ‘Cherry Blossom Birthing’, and I offer The Real Birth Workshop. I have 3 years of midwifery training experience, and am now certified to teach this amazing workshop and share so much information that can help you to have such a positive birthing experience.

Since I was a child lots of my family members were getting pregnant, and I found the idea of pregnancy so fascinating and intriguing… I just had to learn more! I journeyed on to train as a midwife and completed the 3 years of training. However, my passion to share all this information and educate women overtook this, and there I was finding The Real Birth Company.

Antenatal education, I believe, is so important for pregnant women and their partners to know, so you can prepare for the wonderful event that is birth. I believe that no question is a silly question, in fact they can be quite eye opening and offer deeper understandings, so ask away!

I am so excited to journey with you, and help you feel as comfortable and as prepared as you can (and to meet your little bundle of joy!)


“Educational and felt like excellent preparation. Plenty of additional advice given for research.”

– February 2019

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You can find The Real Birth Workshop all around the country, We have teachers offering face to face and virtual classes, helping to promote choice, respect and dignity for your birth.