did the real birth programme

help you in birth?

Helped to learn what different things that were happening actually were so as to not panic and also breathing techniques which allowed me to not need any pain relief.

November 2020

Excellent detailed course and enthusiastic, engaging teacher. Definitely made me feel more positive and confident about birthing.

October 2018

Brilliant. Extremely helpful & informative. My husband had read nothing before & has learnt so much. Lovely teachers.

June 2018

Great class size, easy to ask questions. Lovely Lunch!

January 2018

We were excited about the birth after the workshop.

January 2019

Helped me stay in control during contractions and allowed myself and my partner to make informed decisions.

January 2021

It taught me how to breathe through contractions which helped me to stay at home longer.

January 2021

Educational and felt like excellent preparation. Plenty of additional advice given for research.

February 2019

Helped me know how labour could be and how to prepare.

January 2021

Understanding the physiology & biomechanics of birth meant I understood what I needed to do (breath, eat, keep calm/relaxed, safe environment and upright position) to give me the best chance possible of a calm natural birth.

December 2020

The breathing and the counting got me through! Also, it really helped that I knew I was allowed to move into different positions rather than being on my back as I was told.

January 2021

Unfortunately, my planned labour and actual labour were polar opposites but I am proud I managed to cope with my labour with all the tools I was given for such a long time ūüôā

December 2020

Knowing what was going on with my body and being informed of my options.

November 2020

Knowledge into labour really helped me choose a perfect birth for me, even though it had to be a planned c section I was able to have the birth I wanted.

November 2020


certified teacher