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Why is it important to be aware of choices that I may be offered?

This is exactly why The Real Birth Programme exists.

In your birth, it is your body and the choices are yours to make. It is really important to be aware of the choices that may be offered to you. It is highly likely at some point in your pregnancy you will have a conversation about what you would like to do when offered tests, screening, birth preference, and even membranes sweeps or induction of labour.

There are some reasons that you may be offered these due to health reasons that could be beneficial. There may also be times when they are offered but you do not feel that this is right for you.

The Real Birth Programme has been designed to help you explore these options, not to direct you, but help you to understand why they have been offered. Understanding your options will help you feel more confident. Having confidence in yourself and your body during pregnancy, labour and birth is empowering.

Our main goal is to help you to understand just how incredible your body is! We present this information in a unique way that no one else does. Our trademarked way of teaching has feedback and results that positively show, it does help you to have a more positive birth experience and feel more in control.

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Birth preparation is really important. It should help you feel confident in your abilities and the decisions that you make about your labour and birth. So why not contact us today so we can help you make the best decision possible for you.

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We created The Real Birth Programme because we believe that all expectant parents should have access to positive birth information. It is beneficial for pregnant mums and their birth partners to have positive help with their birth preparation…

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